Maspalomas, often called the Mini Sahara of Europe and known for its year round mild to hot temperatures.

Many tourists visit each year looking to get some winter sun. During the summer months the beaches get crowded but with Dunas de Maspalomas an arm length away you don’t have to look far to escape the crowds and go for a beautiful walk.

We visited in September and had temperatures around 30 degrees. Perfect for a day at the beach or to enjoy a day in one of the parks Maspalomas has to offer. You’ll find something here for all ages so here are 11 things to do in Maspalomas.

11 Things To Do In Maspalomas

1. Dunas de Maspalomas

Right in between Maspalomas and Playa Del Ingles you will find these beautiful dunes that stretch over 5 square kilometers. These dunes are a protected nature reserve where birds and lizards breed. It’s perfect to escape the crowds in Maspalomas and go for a beautiful walk. It’s even more beautiful at sunset or sunrise when the sun shines on one side of the dunes while the other side falls in the shadow making for an abstract sight.

Dunas de maspalomas sunset

2. Faro de Maspalomas

At the most southern point of Gran Canaria you will find this 19th century lighthouse which is still in use. On the right of the lighthouse you will find the boulevard with all the shops, restaurants and some resorts. On the left you go straight to the beach and the dunes. A lot of people come here to watch the sunset. We decided to watch sunset from the dunes over the town of Maspalomas where we were all alone.

Faro de maspalomas sunset

3. Moonlight Cinema

Not far away from the lighthouse you will find this permanent outdoor cinema. Sadly, we only found out about this place after our trip. Watching a movie under the stars with your loved one sounds like an awesome night out to me. You get your own sofa and blankets and best of all, with a touch on the button you can order a cocktail. Just imagine sipping back on your cocktail, watching a movie on your own sofa under the nights sky.

4. Stargazing

Maspalomas is a great place for stargazing. Far away from the city lights on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. We went stargazing in the dunes which made for an awesome experience. All alone in pure darkness with only the sound of the ocean coming over the dunes.

Stargazing lifeguard house Maspalomas

5. Tapas dinner

You can’t say you’ve been to Spain without having eaten a tapas only dinner at least once. You basically order different tapas dishes like calamares, patatas bravas, langoustines or anything else you’d like. Originally these were only served as aperitif but most places offer them as dinner. Usually they have a seperate menu for their tapas dishes.

6. Playa del Ingles

On the other side of the dunes you will find this beautiful long beach with sand coming from the Sahara desert. However, it tends to get really crowded here but if you’re in it for a nice tan and a good swim, you will definitely love it here.

If you like going out the nightlife is great as well with a lot of bars to choose from. You will find a lot of youth partying at CC Plaza.

7. Shopping

If you like shopping, you will love being in Maspalomas. You can find two shopping centres here called “Shopping Center Faro 2” and “Shopping Centre Varadero”. Prices can be compared to prices elsewhere in Europe in these shopping centres. However, on the boulevard you will find some duty free shops where you can buy your sigarettes, wine, beers and designer clothes all at discounted prices. Not only in the shopping centres you can find shops but also along the boulevard you can find a wide variety of shops.

8. Camel Ride Along Maspalomas Nature Reserve

Most of the time I am a little dubious about the welfare of the animals when they are being used for tours but this time they seemed genuinely cared for. This ride will take you through the dunas of maspalomas which makes for a perfect setting. You really feel like you’re in the Sahara desert.

For a 45 minute ride you will pay €12. Definitely bring sunscreen because you won’t find any shade during the tour.

Camel ride dunas Maspalomas

9. Holiday World Maspalomas

Holiday world is perfect if you are traveling with kids. Kids will definitely love it here. You can find some classical fairground attractions here but also a bowling alley, arcade and some restaurants. You don’t have to pay an entrance fee because they work with a point system. For around 20 euro you get 60 points which already lets you on quite some attractions. It’s definitely great value for money.

From January to June 2019, Holiday World will be undergoing a complete renovation. The underground parking will remain open during the refurbishment period. 

10. Palmitos Park

A little more inland you will find Palmitos Park. This is a zoo located on a mountainside which gives you beautiful views from within the park. You can find a lot of birds, monkeys, fish, dolphins, butterflies and more in this park. Kids will definitely enjoy this park. They perform around 5 shows each day at the amphitheater with flying birds of prey.

11. Aqualand Maspalomas

This one is for all ages. It’s a great waterpark with a variety of waterslides with a little bit for everyone. You will find family slides or slides for those who like a little adrenaline. We definitely had an awesome day here. However, we heard the queues can be very long here. We were here in September and we barely had to wait in line.

The park is quite pricey when it comes to food and lockers. For a hamburger you pay around €10,50 and for one scoop of ice cream €2,50. If you are on a budget it might be an idea to bring your own food. To enter the park you need to pay an entrance fee of €27. Definitely bring water shoes on a hot day because some people were burning the soles of their feet on the hot surface.

Tours in Maspalomas

Jeep safari: This safari takes you off the beaten path through beautiful villages and natural landscapes. We got to see some awesome sights and really enjoyed it. Bring something to cover your face because there is lots of dust.

things to do in maspalomas