Where in the world can you drive for half an hour and not pass a single person? Well, not many places that I know of. The Westfjords is one of those places. After every turn you take you will find awe-inspiring and untouched landscapes. Traversing the Westfjords requires quite some driving but the drive can be as beautiful as your destination.

westfjords one way bridge road

westfjords fjord

Things to do


Deep in the Westfjords you will find, in my opinion, the most beautiful waterfall in all of Iceland. Its sheer size makes this waterfall simply magnificent. You’ll feel very little standing in front of this giant. The road that’ll take you here makes for a beautiful drive. A big part of it is gravel but you can comfortably drive it with a 2WD during the summer months. When hiking up to Dynjandi you will pass 6 small waterfalls as well. Well, actually not that small but in contrast with Dynjandi they simply look that way. 😉

TIP: When photographing this waterfall try to include a person in your photograph this will give a better sense of scale.

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Dynjandi waterfall westfjords Dynjandi waterfall person closeupDynjandi waterfall westfjords


At the most western point of Europe you’ll find these 440m high bird cliffs. They truly are a paradise for birdwatchers. You will find puffins, gannets, auks, kittiwakes, guillemots and fulmars here from May until August which is breeding season. We didn’t do enough research and were expecting to see lots of birds in September. Well, bird poop is what we saw, but no birds whatsoever. However, even in September you have to visit this place it’s truly spectacular. The road leading up to Látrabjarg is a 35 km gravel road which you can drive with a 2WD easily during the summer months. Be sure to fill up your tank before going to Látrabjarg because there is no tank station nearby. The closest one is Patreksfjörður (60 km).

c Latrabjarg bird cliffs westfjords


Close to Latrabjarg you can find this beautiful golden/red beach. Most people might be familiar with golden beaches but the surroundings and remoteness of this beach make it worth it. Getting there you have to drive a 10 km gravel road which is very steep and kinda bumpy but take it slow and a 2WD will do. Some say it is the most frightening road in the Westfjords. When we were there the wind was really strong and the beach was flooded. We felt the wind pushing against our car so we just drove down the mountain, had lunch with a beautiful view and drove back up the mountain to our next destination. I can highly suggest a walk on the beach but be careful during the summer months because some birds might attack because they apparently have nests on the beach. You are warned! 😉

Raudasandur beach westfjords

roadasandur beach westfjords

Sea Monster Museum

In case you didn’t know Icelanders are big believers in tales and fictional creatures. It is a big part of their national culture. This museum is located in the village Bildadalur. It is an interactive museum and will teach you more about local tales and encounters with sea monsters. The museum is better suited for adults but kids over 8 years old will love it too. Sadly, we did not have the time to visit this museum but would love to in the future.

Reykjafjardarlaug Hot Pool

Before reaching Bildadalur coming from Dynjandi on road 63 you will find Reykjafjardarlaug Hot Pool. It’s located right next to the road in the Reykjafjörður fjord. There is one molten swimming pool and two natural hot pools a little higher up. Perfect to relax after a busy day driving.

BA-64 Shipwreck

On road 612 between Dynjandi and Látrabjarg you will find the oldest steel ship in Iceland. It washed ashore in 1981 in Skápadalur Valley and it is still there to this day. The surroundings are really beautiful so it makes for the perfect photo opportunity.

BA-64 shipwreck westfjords

BA-64 Shipwreck Westfjords drone

Breidavik Church

Probably one of the most scenic churches in all of Iceland. Situated in a small village called Breidavik. It looks over a beautiful long golden beach right before reaching Látrabjarg. Again this place is the perfect stopover for some great pictures.

Breidavik church westfjords