Are you thinking about visiting the beautiful Moselle Valley in Germany? It’s a beautiful region with picturesque villages and vineyards that has a lot to offer. I’ve been here a couple of times and I would still love to go back. If you love castles, old traditional German restaurants, good wine and beautiful nature you will not be disappointed by this place. In this article I’ll share with you what to do in the Moselle Valley for an unforgettable trip.

What To Do In The Moselle Valley

1. Cochem

This village is one of the most well-known villages in the Moselle Valley. It’s also one of the most visited holiday destinations in all of Germany. It is known for its castle that towers above the town of Cochem, the cozy marketplaces, wine cellars and great restaurants.

Reichsburg Cochem

This castle is a must visit when you are in Cochem. It is situated at the top of a hill and dates back from the Middle Ages but has been renovated in the 19th Century. It is possible to take a guided tour here which I can definitely recommend and costs €6 per adult. The guide is really informative and often multilingual. You can choose to take a German, Dutch or English tour. For the exact hours and opening times you can check their website.

At the gate of the castle you’ll also have a beautiful view over the town of Cochem and the Mosel river that flows through it.

Cochem Marketplace 

When in Cochem you can’t miss this marketplace. It’s surrounded with beautiful traditional houses, wine cellars and cool little cafés.

2. Go wine tasting in one of the many “weinguts” 

You will find many vineyards to choose from in the Moselle Valley. What else to expect from a region famous for its wine? If you don’t have time for wine tasting at least go buy a bottle to take back home, it’s great! My girlfriend and I decided to visit weingut Walter J. Oster in Ediger on the Mosel. You will find another one of Walter J. Oster on Cochem marketplace. We bought a few bottles of sweet white wine that we loved. The last one has been consumed a while ago. I guess it is time to head back. 😉

3. Have dinner in one of the traditional restaurants

You will find a lot of different traditional restaurants in the Moselle Valley. During our stay we had dinner a couple of times in some of the restaurants in Cochem which we enjoyed every time. Prices are comparable with prices elsewhere in Europe. A 3 course meal will cost you around €20-25 which is a fair price.

4. Visit Eltz Castle (German: Burg Eltz)

A 30 minute drive away from Cochem you will find this fairylike castle in Wierchem. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful castles in Germany. It’s situated in the middle of a beautiful valley in the woods. From the parking lot it is a 20 min walk to the castle. The parking lot costs €2 and in case you want to be brought to the castle by shuttle bus you pay an extra €2. If you do not have any difficulties walking I would highly suggest to walk there because the walk is beautiful as well. You can also take a guided tour here if you’d like. We were there in the off-season and were not able to take a tour because it was not open to visitors at the time. The castle is really photogenetic so do not forget to take some great pictures. 😉


5. Walk over the Geierlay Bridge

Again a 30 minute drive away from Cochem you will find the most impressive and longest suspension bridge in Germany. If you are afraid of heights this place might not be for you. If you visit it during the winter holidays the whole bridge is illuminated with Christmas lights. You have to park your car around 1,2 – 2 km away in Mörsdorf or Sosberg. In Mörsdorf you’ll find the visitors centre with the most parking spaces available. However, it tends to be calmer in Sosberg. The parking spaces are not free and costs around €2 for 2 hours.

There is also a beautiful hiking route named the “Geierlay Schleife”. This hike is around 5 kilometers and takes you around the region of the Geierlay bridge and even under the bridge.

Enjoy sunset or sunrise at Moselschleife by Bremm 

This viewpoint gives you a beautiful view over the Mosel river. Perfect to enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Sadly enough, when we were there it was cloudy but the view is still amazing. If you love to hike you can park your car at the town of Bremm and walk up to the “Gipfelkreuz”. It’s a 3km hike one way and it takes you up one of the steepest vineyards of Europe. It might not be for everyone but the hike is not that difficult. If you have a little bit of a condition I’m sure you will manage and the view is definitely worth it in the end. If you don’t want to hike up there you can also park your car at the top and walk (900m) to the viewpoint.